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Air rifle shooting (open to members of the Scout Association only)

Our qualified instructor can provide air rifle shooting sessions for your group (either as a part of your site booking or as a standalone activity):

  • This activity is subject to availability – our instructor is a busy Scout leader! Please use our Air rifle shooting activity booking form to make an enquiry, or include a request as part of a site booking using our Online booking form
  • Cost is £60 for 12 participants (1.5 hours) – double length slots may also be booked (if you are booking outside of a site booking and would like to use our field/meeting room for activities for the non-participating group this will usually be possible for an additional charge – £145 for the double shooting slot plus the use of field and meeting room, plus access to the kitchen for preparing refreshments)
  • This activity is suitable for ages 8+ (though Cub Scouts aged under 8 may participate as part of a Pack activity)
  • A copy of the risk assessment for the activity is available on request.
  • All participants will need to bring a completed consent form (signed by a parent or guardian for under 18s): electronic copies of these will be provided when your booking is confirmed. Participation will not be possible without this form.


We have a range of activities-in-a-box available to hire as a part of your site booking (using our Online booking form) or alongside a double-slot air rifle booking (using our Air Rifle Shooting booking form). The charge for these is £10/booking unless otherwise specified. Click the links for more detailed information and example risk assessments:

Terms & Conditions (standalone air rifle booking)

  • A £20 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking with balance payable seven days prior to booking date (unless alternative arrangements have been made)
  • Any cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice will be required to pay the full balance*
  • Unless you have booked a double slot, the booking is for 12 participants only (plus as many accompanying adults as needed); if you wish to have others on site at the same time you will need to add this to your booking. For double slots you may use our meeting room and/or outdoor space for those who are waiting. The kitchen can also be used to prepare refreshments during a double booking.
  • Parking should only be on the hard standing: no parking on the field please. Please be considerate of our neighbours and don’t park on the road.
  • Please take ALL RUBBISH with you when departing, INCLUDING any food/drink that you brought with you**
  • Please avoid burning treated wood/pallets as it leaves nails and damages the environment.
  • NO DOGS are permitted on site (except Assistance Dogs), Penalties will apply for dog fouling.

*This may be waived in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

**The site does not have regular cleaners so reserves the right to invoice groups an additional charge to cover if repairs to property/equipment, rubbish removal or excess cleaning services are required after their event.

Terms & Conditions (activities-in-a-box – please read in conjunction with the booking terms & conditions available on our Bookings price list page)

  • Equipment will be waiting on site for you in an agreed secure location.
  • At the end of the booking, please clean equipment as needed and put everything back exactly as it was provided to you.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that everyone using the equipment is properly instructed in its safe and correct use and that it is supervised by an adult at all times.
  • We provide example risk assessments but you are responsible for completing your own risk assessment. If any harm is caused to any person whilst using the equipment please notify us of this (confirmed in writing) as soon as possible.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for any injury, loss or damage caused to anyone using the equipment, or to anyone’s property, either through accident, neglect or misuse.
  • If any equipment becomes damaged during use please let us know (confirmed in writing) as soon as possible. You will be liable for the cost of the repair/replacement of any equipment which is lost or damaged during your hire of it (beyond normal wear and tear). Please do not attempt to carrying out any repairs before checking with us.
  • We check all equipment between uses but may occasionally miss an issue: if you find any damage/other problems, please report this (with photos) before starting to use the equipment.